Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Out-of-Control Situation

This morning, German news is reporting out of Thuringia (a region out of the eastern side of Germany)....some big riot erupted on Wednesday evening at a refugee camp.

What the cops say is that some guy got into a verbal discussion, then ripped some pages out of a Koran.  Yeah.....that kinda set things off for four hours.

The camp management staff had to call the cops and get some reinforcement folks into the situation.

Twenty folks went after this page-ripper guy, and as things least another fifty folks got involved.

The handful of private security guys were able to save the life of the page-ripper but it was way beyond their control with so many when the local cops was only then that things were starting to get under some control.  The episode?  It lasted four hours.

The local cops report that rocks were thrown at them, and iron bars were used as weapons.  Several cop vehicles were damaged, and reports indicate at least ten residents of the facility were injured in some fashion.

Charges here?  I have doubts that anyone will be charged with anything.  The page-ripper guy might have the police question him, but other than inciting a riot by his action.....there's nothing illegal by his action under German law.  The guy's country of origin?  No one says much of anything, but it'd be curious to know if he was an economic refugee or a Syrian refugee.

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