Friday, August 21, 2015

The Announced EU Meeting?

Late last night in Germany.....the French and German Interior Ministers came out and announced that a mid-October conference would be held within the EU framework and this whole immigration and refugee thing would be discussed.

The chief topic?  Right now, there's some discussion over economic refugees.....these are the guys who get one-percent approval to stay in Germany and the rest are put on a bus to go back to the original country (usually after several months of reviewing the paperwork).

Right now.....Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia are on the safe-to-return list and it's impossible for these guys to get any approvals to stay in Germany.  This conference will bring up Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro.  Presently, most of the 2nd group are treated like the safe-to-return group but it's not a guaranteed thing and occasionally a higher percentage gets permission to stay.

All of this is frustrating the southern European crowd because they see an unfairness with the Iraqi and Syrians getting status to stay.

My guess is that the EU will discuss a second part to this.....pushing the quickness to deny someone status to thirty days or less.  Presently, these paperwork review can consume four months easily.

Another big part of the conference will involve the ratio of EU members getting refugees.  They may come to some agreement that Germany will only accept X-number per year, and the remainder are farmed out to countries that the refugees don't desire as their country.

If you arrived in Germany with your family and you have twelve other distant family members already in kind of assume that you will go to the same city as these members and the Germans will allow you that privilege.  It might be a shocker if you woke up to realize that your papers for immigration were accepted but you were designated for Spain or Denmark, and you have to live there for three years before you could resettle somewhere else.  I'm guessing various court battles will loom on the horizon as civil lawyers sue and try to throw this idea out the front door.

As for the eight weeks ahead?'s a two-month period that we are talking about and at least another 150,000 immigrants and refugees will arrive in Germany by mid-October.  Lots of things can happen and create other issues by the state of this conference.

The odds of the EU coming to an agreement on solving this problem?  That might be something to ask but I doubt that the news media will give you a straight answer on that.

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