Saturday, August 22, 2015

When You Really Need Bravura

Yesterday.....somewhere in the midst of Belgium.....on a train bound from the Netherlands to Paris....there was supposed to have been this massacre.  A Jihadist guy with dreams of dead passengers on his mind....emerged from the train's toilet with his automatic rifle and plenty of ammo.  The end result was supposed to have been more than two dozen dead.

Life is an odd's often unfair and statistically, you get the short-end of the stick.  Sometimes, it's over-balanced to be more than just's balanced with a ton of bricks on the fair side and no matter what you do to unbalance the situation and bring doom to people.....more weight gets stacked on the fair side.  That was the case yesterday.

For some reason, this guy picked one random car to start his business, and that was the car with three Americans traveling together.  One Air Force member, one National Guard member, and one civilian.  A train full of a bunch of Europeans, and three Americans.  That was all it took.

The three Americans eyeballed the guy with the rifle.  Most people would refer the situation, back-off or just sit there in fear.  It's the normal reaction and you can't expect anything but that.

With these was the opposite instinct, and they went into action.  The Jihadist had a blade of some type and tried to stab one of the Americans.....doing a fair amount of damage to the guy, but it apparently wasn't enough, and I just made the American twice as determined to take the guy down.

In the end, the three Americans stop the guy in his tracks.  Two of the passengers (one of the Americans) were toted off the train and sent to the hospital.  Bad wounds, but nothing that you will die from.  A third guy (a French actor) had a hand injury but he avoided the hospital trip.

At some point in some operas.....there's this one point thrown in....called a Bravura.  If you asked a thousand people about it.....maybe one would be aware of the maneuver and what it typically means. A Bravura is where you have someone in the opera group with very unique talents and you kinda dim the lights and set the stage for that person to tear loose and deliver a six-tissue weeper.  This is where they do something fairly unusual.  When you examine the train 'adventure', the Jihadist guy's ambitions, and the odds of having three cool-headed Americans in this one was a Bravura in the end with the Americans delivering what they could, with what talents and skills they had, and some appreciation by those onboard the train.

Sometimes, when you need a get it.

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