Thursday, August 6, 2015

Weird Protest in Wiesbaden

It was an odd day.  I had to make a couple of runs around Mainz and Wiesbaden, and ended up at some point at the Army post to check mail.  Course, it meant a bus-ride and long walk.

So toward noon, I walked out the gate and missed the bus, meaning a 25-odd minute wait.

Then a couple of German RVs pulled up near the gate.  Couple of guys get out, and start putting up protest signs.  Cop car number one arrives and two cops note the behavior and situation.

I'm standing probably 300 feet away, in a fairly hot situation and just observing.

The protest signs?  Gay flag and some gay-agenda deal from what I can figure out.  It's odd because....the US Army has gotten around to hugging gays and accepting them.  It didn't make much sense to me.

Cop car number two arrives.  The four folks stand there and observe the protest crowd (well....all six of them).  The cops are sweating a fair bit.....they've got on the vests and it's around 90-95 degrees F.  I'm still at the stupid bus stop....sweating too, but curious.

So I hear some stuff behind me and there's this group of bikers....well.....NOT motorcyclists, just bicyclists.  Maybe fifty of them.  Gay flags, etc.

So they arrive and now more material comes out, and it's a different kind of agenda.....gays against military violence or use of military force.  Yeah, it's some new agenda.

I'm used to anti-NATO protests, anti-nuke protests, anti-US protests, etc.  Gays-on-anti-military-force protests?  No, never heard of that one.

I kinda think that after the Army did their acceptance thing....this particular group probably realized they were at the end of possible protest agendas, and then decided to invent a new agenda and just keep going.  It's the only general way to keep people on some group and pumped up some agenda and just focus on the next problem.

Gays in support of wind-mill energy, or solar energy or refugees?  I just don't see that happening in Germany.

The cops?  The bus came up and got me, and I noted that the four folks had gotten back into the vehicles....cranked up the engines....and got the AC turned back on.  They were swearing as much as me.  I felt sorry for the cops.  This is a waste to watch some protest like this and they got real work they could be doing.  It's awful hot today and it's harsh to make these guys stand there and just watch a protest to ensure it stays peaceful.

As for the Army guys?   I doubt if they noticed much and the gay Army guys are just shaking their heads.....these gay anti-military supporters are actually against them in a way, when a year or two ago, they were supporting them.  Yeah.....evolution, I guess.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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