Friday, August 14, 2015

The Ferris Wheel of Dresden

On the last day of my Dresden the early morning hours.....a Ferris-wheel team arrived and started putting up a large frame ferris wheel.  I noted the first phase around 10AM, and came back at 9PM that evening.....the team was still at work.

It's an interesting thing to stand there and observe this engineering marvel being put together.  There's the older guy in his late 50's who simply stands back and watches progress and ensures the team doesn't screw up.

The team?  Mostly all younger guys, in their mid-twenties.....lean.....I counted eight of them.  At 9PM, they'd already been working a minimum of twelve hours, and I suspected they had at least two more hours of work before the thing would be concluded.

The number of pieces and parts?  It'd be interesting to see the listing....probably over two thousand items which have to be hooked up and secured in some fashion.  Probably the take-down and set-up plan is carefully laid out and certain boxes for these bolts and those screws.

I stood there for a good twenty minutes observing this operation.  It's hot sweaty work and you really don't have time to pause or take breaks.  Nor do you have time to screw up or make a stupid mistake.  I imagine the team gets paid for the event and not by the hour.  You can figure the Ferris wheel will be up for seven to ten days, and then get removed by the same team.....then moved onto the next site, and go through the same plan again.

No one ever thinks about these marvels of engineering and how much effort goes into the planning, design, and normal put-up/tear-down episodes.  We simply marvel in the end over the view from the top.

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