Friday, August 14, 2015

Wiesbaden Murder Episode

While I was out of town for a couple of days.....we had a murder in Wiesbaden.  Statistically, there are awful few murders in the city of 280,000-odd people.  So when one occurs, it gets noted throughout the local press.

It's a refugee gal from Eritrea (near the horn of Africa).....early 20's....single....stabbed a number of times.  She was staying in the local refugee facility in Wiesbaden and she was found in her room dead.  From the description of the's a likely member of the 250-to-300 refugees in the building who did the killing.  Forensic experts were called in and will be looking at clues.

What happens after they figure out the person involved?  Asylum opportunities dissolve at that point for the person, but German court action will probably not get the person more than fifteen to twenty years.  They will keep their nationality and simply get sent back at the end of prison sentence.

I would imagine that someone will eventually ask if this refugee center environment is a safe place for young women or families.  I'm not talking about the Wiesbaden center.....but across the entire spectrum in Germany.   You end up with people with a harsh view of reality living among people who are naive.  It's not a good mix.  But I'm at a loss to figure out how you'd ensure the safety of all these refugees within the system today (500,000 is the number mentioned for the first half of 2015).

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