Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Fire Story

Most folks say that people from Alabama are fairly creative in disastrous chaos.  This past week, we had someone who was fairly clever and the matter of chaos.

The fire department got called in Frankfurt.....smoke going through some apartment building in the Bornheim suburb.  So they arrive, and there is some smoke going on.....out of one particular apartment.

They finally get access and enter and it's a ready unusual event.  Some gal had decided that she'd use an actual coconut a ash tray.  I'd admit....even in Alabama, we haven't reached this stage of ideas yet.

Somewhere in the effort of ashtray usage.....the coconut actually started smoldering and putting out a fair amount of fumes/smoke.  It was beyond her control, and that's how the fire department got called (all late on Sunday night).

Luckily, a small bit of water was the requirement, and they didn't ruin the apartment or building with fire axes or massive water.  Course, smoke was all around the they brought in some big fan and 'huffed' the air out.

Some doctor got called to treat the gal involved for smoke inhalation.  She was probably frustrated over the whole affair and hoping that the neighbors don't ask stupid questions.

Naturally, Germans are fairly curious folks and I'm guessing five or six professors over at the Frankfurt University are busy surveying if coconut fumes are toxic or hazardous.  And somewhere down the line.....some idiot German bureaucratic guy will say that a warning has to be affixed to grocery areas to say that coconuts should not be used as ask-trays.

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