Saturday, August 29, 2015

Soccer Day

I spent part of the afternoon over at Mainz, in the Coface Arena to watch a soccer the VIP suite.

It was an interesting experience.  You arrive in the VIP parking lot....within 300 ft of the front door.  You show your pass and take an elevator up to the top floor.  There's a big suite there, which my wife's boss had for the game.

Free beer, wine, soda and water.  Free food.  All of this starts 90 minutes prior to the game and continues for roughly 60 minutes after the game.  I don't know the cost but I have to admit it was a five-star deal.

The only negative from the event came from watching the parking lot empty out at the conclusion of the game.  Luckily, twenty-thousand people walked in and weren't part of the parking lot episode.  But there's only a single lane from the arena out to the main road.  It took forever for cars to empty out of the arena parking lot.

Coface Arnea is a new soccer stadium.....built in 2011 for roughly sixty-odd million Euro.  It's on the far south end of Mainz and fairly near the autobahn (maybe five minutes away).  I have to admit, it's built for the viewers and is rather simple to get into and out of the arena itself.

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