Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Stipend Solution?

I sat last night and watched over a brief state-run news item on German TV, and they finally explained this little understood factor on refugees and the economic players in the game.

So, if you are a economic refugee (different from the Syrians or Iraqis), you probably come from Albania or Macedonia.  Based on EU rules, no matter who you will get paperwork to fill out and get a proper evaluation, then be rendered the verdict of whether you are allowed to stay in Germany or get on the bus for a return trip.

By German rules (not EU rules), economic refugees will rarely if ever....get permission to stay.  It's like one or two percent of a chance. But the economic players don't care, and you might wonder about the reason why.

Once you arrive, you turn in the paperwork, and you sit back.  Reviews from a year ago could take six to eight months.  Naturally, these Germans are awful nice people and they not only offer shelter and food.....but some pocket-money.  And this pocket-money comes for each month.

The Germans came to realize about a month ago (it would be curious how they figured this out) that the economic refugees knew they would fail but they were coming strictly to pick up this monthly pocket-money stipend.  The Germans added this up....if the economic refugee could drag this out for six months.....quietly collecting the stipend (never spending it) and just laying around the compound.....he'd have enough money to share with the family for roughly eight months.  The monthly stipend basically equaled what an Albanian cop was making....per month. was a form of refugee welfare.

How to counter this?  Over the weekend, the minister in charge of this business said they were reviewing the option of 'vouchers' instead of cash.  This voucher deal was left up in the air.  My humble guess is that it'll be like a welfare-check and used at any German grocery for a specific period of time (maybe to be used within six weeks of issue).

The Germans also hint that economic refugees and their forms will be turned faster.....meaning it won't be six months....but it's hard to see this being less than 90 days (by some miracle, the Germans might actually hire enough people to make that possible).

Trimming back the economic refugees?  The statistics generally show the bulk of the 500,000 that showed up from January to July of 2015....they were economic refugees.  The handling and support cost to this whole thing and the frustrating nature of the German public about this ongoing situation....needs a creative solution.  Maybe fixing the stipend will be answer needed.

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