Friday, August 7, 2015

The 20-Euro a Day Idea

Over the past day, this unusual idea has been put forward by Green Party and FDP (opposition to the current gov't).  They suggest that any private citizen who steps forward and volunteers to take a refugee under their 'wing' (meaning house and home), the private citizen would get 20-Euro per day, per individual.

You can kinda figure it this of three refugees.  Huns has a studio apartment in his garage and say fine.....he'll take the three.  Huns would make 1,800 Euro a month.  The idea though would come with a limit....say three months.

So, Huns would turn 5,400 Euro for three months of mostly nothing except allowing the family live in this 'bare-bones' garage studio apartment?  Yeah.

How many folks would volunteer for this?  I'm not that sure.  First, you'd have neighbors who'd get fussy that you brought foreign refugees into the neighborhood.

Oddly, you could be some guy with an apartment building in the middle of nowhere.....eight empty apartments that just won't rent out.  So you agree to take eight families of four people could be talking about 2,400 Euro a month per apartment, times eight.....almost 20,000 Euro....a month.  Every three get a new crew and start fresh.  In this case, I think there's probably at least two or three thousand such landlords around the country who would take the government up on this deal.....just for fast and significant cash.

Will it pass?  Public support won't be in favor of this, and it'll mean the government has to find more cash reserves.....which barely exist for the marginal programs they run now.  I won't give it more than a fifty-fifty shot.

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