Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Doormat Which Tells the Story

I often point out the competition level between Mainz and Wiesbaden.  They border each other, and have the Rhine River to separate them.  History-wise, there's some intense episodes, house-burnings, and feuds that spilled a bit of blood.  All of that came to a close in the late 1600s.

So, what's left now, is friendly but blunt this doormat which says: Mainz is better than Wiesbaden.

A handful of Mainzers will have these, for guests or relatives who come across the river to visit them.  It's playful humor, but they needle each other a bit over this.

One city is a university and Catholic Church crowd type, with working class people mostly as the occupants, and they tend to have 'fun'.  The other is a business-orientated town, with upscale shops, snobs, mostly protestant churches, Apfel-wine consumption, culture, and they have style and 'grace' (well.....they claim this).

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