Friday, June 24, 2016

If I Were to Manage the German Immigration Program

Naturally, the Germans are not likely to hire an run one of their prime sources of political intrigue and chaos.  Most would want to immediately asses me as right-wing or conservative, or just dump the xenophobic label on me to end the argument.  But perhaps they might want to look at what I'd do:

1.  Stand up and admit in public that the population problem is serious and immigration has no choice but to exist.  Based on best numbers.....the 81-million German population by 2036 (20 years down the line) will be around 65-to-68 million residents....if NOTHING occurs to change the pace of things.  The public needs to be brought into the circle and told the simple truth.

2.  Start the thinking process toward 'smart-immigration'.  There has to be a doorway, and people fill out the paperwork, get an evaluation before ever leaving their homeland, and told yes or no.  I don't want anyone to waste walking 1,500 miles to reach Germany and be told they just won't pass the immigration test.  End the process of accepting people who just walked across the border of getting immigration or asylum papers.  If you want to claim refugee status, you go to a different form, and apply for a totally different status.

3.  Refugees will be treated different from asylum or immigration folks.  Various camps or center will be set up to handle just plain refugees who might be here for a year or two, then agreeably go back to their homeland when the war or issue ends.  A refugee could also be flown out of the affected region and not have to walk all the way to Germany.  But I'd have some Einstein-character sit down and come up with the number of refugees that Germany can handle.  If it's 400,000....sitting in the camps and waiting to return.....then we don't go past 400,000.  We decline to take anymore than the 400,000.  Somewhere out there, there is such a smart guy who can assess what space Germany has and the reasonable cost of what they can handle.

4.  Once you go into the immigration path on my agree to hold the citizenship of your country and agree to return to it....if you misbehave in a big way.  A six-year probation period will be assigned to you.  If you get arrested for violent assault or stealing cars.....your application is revoked, and you leave.  If you act in a proper way for six years and show good citizenship traits......then you get the German citizenship.

5.  The entry for immigration and asylum will be tied to your craft or education.  If you have nothing in your background but flipping burgers in Burma.....we've got plenty of burger flippers in Germany and don't need to add more.  I'd set aside 100,000 slots per year for people who might be young and fit into some language program and their craft or education fills a need into German society.

6.  For any intellectual who wants to say things are unlimited....I'd remind them that everything cost money.  If you bring in 300,000 people who can't find work or fit.....they end up on some stupid government welfare program, that costs money.  That's money that you'd rob from bridge replacement or road repair.  Anyone claiming it's all free and, it's not all free or good.

7.  Put the information up front and say with some emphasis.....if you have a fairly conservative lifestyle and trying to immigrate into Germany.....and you got issues with certain people or being around women, than there would be a test of some let you know that you won't be able to adjust and fit into German society.  It's not anything to weep over or get hostile about.....there are better countries which fit your conservative lifestyle, and make you happy.

8.  Where ever you get settled into....for your initial six-year period of stay in that state for the whole six years.  If you pack up and move to another German state.....your application restarts from day one.

9.  Establish that somewhere between 250,000 and 300,000 people probably can immigrate into Germany each year without causing a lot of chaos, confusion, or frustration.  On this number, I'm only talking immigration and asylum....NOT refugees.

10.  Finally, openly ID the funding and the cost levels for that the public understands, and that intellectual journalists might grasp that nothing is free.  When you reach the limit for incoming for the close the door and tell people to go elsewhere in Europe to find an open door.

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