Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Old Wiesbaden Court House

One of the more historic buildings in the old city court house.....about two blocks from mid-town.

It's a building which has been vacant for at least a decade.  The city owns the building and has been under some long extensive effort to make maximum use out of it.

So, renovation has started, and in roughly two years....the entire block (it is that large) will be changed.  It'll be the center of a private university which used to be in Wiesbaden but packed up thirty-odd years ago and left.

 The nifty thing to this old building?  It's the facial carving above the doorway.

It's an awful lot of craftsmanship and skill done with this type of doorway.

In it's hay-day.....this might have been one of the more impressive buildings in the city.  Today?  It's in bad need of renovation.

That's the curious thing about the city.....there are literally hundreds of buildings built in the mid to late 1800s around and all have some historical aspect to them.

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