Saturday, June 4, 2016

EU-Roaming Costs Free of Charge?

A couple of weeks ago....the EU did one brilliant move (rarely are they capable of clever ideas, but this one worked).  The EU ordered all cellphone companies within the 28 EU member states to stop roaming charges.

This roaming charge deal was meant to plus-up profits.  If you drove across the border into France (from Germany).....your cellphone company could tack on some nifty extra costs.

A lot of Germans used to whine about roaming costs to Spain or Italy....when they took their vacations..

So the EU just ordered the companies to stop it.

This week I noticed at the Bahnhof in Wiesbaden this new sign.  The cellphone company (Vodafone) put up brilliant advertising to say that EU-roaming is now inklusive and "free".  To be honest, it's not a thing that they volunteer to do.....they were ordered to stop EU-roaming costs.  Yet, in the ad, they will pretend to the naive German idiots.....they are offering this EU-roaming of charge.

How many Germans will fall for this?  I'd take a guess fifty percent.  That's how disconnected Germans are from the news and grasping the world around them.

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