Sunday, June 19, 2016

Art Essay

There are times in Germany, when you are walking down some street and just turn to admire some art.  This was a street telephone-box.....along a side-street of Bochum.

The guy had sat a Picasso-moment....and drew out a "Frieda on the sofa" display.

It's not a bad piece of art....but then you get stuck with the cheap steel type of element, and paint chipping off, and ten years later....the effort is degraded.

In a way, one might wish that the telephone guys would have a box with a glass cover which might protect the drawing longer.

Course, the negative is that you kinda admire the painting while standing out in some street, and might get whacked by a car that suddenly turned into the street.

The thing've got tens of thousands of decent artists who aren't going to some art academy, or doing 4,000 Euro paintings of some German maiden being saved by two husky Swedish knights on ponies.  In a way, they are the painter who couldn't find some way to progress in their great interest, and just stand around to admire a blank telephone box which ought to have some fine German woman painted on it.....wasting away four hours on a Saturday to display their best art.

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