Monday, June 27, 2016

If the EU Could Regulate......

I was mostly amused around two years ago when the EU came up and tried to regulate those silly generic bottles on Italian or Greek restaurant tables which dispense a generic olive oil or vinegar, forcing the restaurants to buy commercial brand bottles instead with labels.  Last year, I was amused when the EU said vacuum cleaners needed to be regulated.....limiting the wattage to 1600 watts of power.  I was amused three weeks ago when I learned that the EU was hoping to regulate toasters, hair dryers, and tea pot boilers.  So, this is my list of things that I won't be surprised to learn over the next five find them regulated in some fashion.

1.  Garden water hoses.

2.  Candle-stick holders.

3.  Fold-up garden chairs.

4.  Ceiling fans.

5.  Toothpick dispensers.

6.  Flushing devices on toilets.

7.  Fishing poles.

8.  Cat-trees.

9.  Straw-hats.

10.  Water-piks.

The sad thing is that they are simply folks standing around and looking for something to do, and without asking anyone.....they prioritize their life and purpose along some wasted effort with no real payback.

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