Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Hanau is one of those places where I walked around in 1979 and upon going back recently.....I've come to realize that it's changed a pretty good bit.

There's not a lot that I remember from one Saturday afternoon in the spring of 1979 and spending a day in Hanau.  To be honest, at least in those days....it wasn't impressive in any way or shape.  Much has changed over the decades.

It's a easy town to go walking around.  If you arrive by train....walk out of the train station....straight ahead....about 500 ft and you come to the round-about (you can turn left or right only).  Turn left and and head toward the center of town (maybe a 15 minute walk).

It has a great shopping district, and various coffee shops and pubs.  The Forum is a decent sized mall area.

One of the key things that I've noticed having changed is the bus depot area in the middle of town. If you were a designer of such places in the US.....I'd strongly recommend a visit to Hanau and to observe how they rebuilt their area.

Artsy?  Yeah, probably a lot more than I remember from the late 1970s.

It's definitely worth an afternoon trip to Hanau.

I should note as well....the S-Bahn S9 network runs from Wiesbaden to Frankfurt and onto Hanau, and back....making it easy to reach.

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