Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Xenophobia Word

It is an odd thing to observe German intellectuals at work, and on occasion when immigration comes cast a negative light upon the opposing individual....the term Xenophobia will be used.  Naturally, it's meaning is that you have a phobia and are irrationally against the extent that your mental health is displaying a disorder.

So, you go back and examine....where the heck did the word Xenophobia first get created? 1903 with W E B du essayist, civil rights activist, writer, and sociologist.

It's a distinguished career for du Bois.....but at no point was he ever a doctor or a mental disorder physician.  So, he coined a catch-phrase to fit for one of his essays.....but it appears that no actual doctor ever aligned the phrase to an actual health disorder.

A fake word? fits well into literature and essays, but as an actual disorder? doesn't work.

It has been added into the phobia disorder handbook, but if you asked any of these guys to show the remarkable study that brought this into the modern study of phobias.....well....there is no such study.

I myself....have calor caeli phobia.....the fear of hot air.  Oddly, they've yet to around in the phobia book to add this particular phobia.

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