Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Trouble With Wood Benches

If you walk around Wiesbaden enough, you tend to notice bus-stops and the bench conditions.  Some idiot a couple of years ago made some decision to erect these big glass enclosures with wood as the sitting area.

There are probably forty of them around the city, and the majority are metal (that was the standard prior to the last decade), with the wood deal being the new trend.

The issue is....the wood just collects up dirt and mildew, and there's no effort by the city to clean them regularly.  So people come up (you can stand nearby and watch them).....they view the sitting area, and you know that they'd like to sit there but just won't sit on the mildew or gummy area.

Cleaning this?  My impression is that they might have one entire steam cleaner in the whole city parks department for things like this and it's only used once a year at best.

So, when you walk around and see all these million-Euro bus-stops in the city, and all these benches sitting there.....but no one sitting on you know why everyone is standing and admiring the benches.

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