Friday, June 24, 2016

One of the Hidden Gems of Frankfurt

 Down off Hasengasse Strasse in Frankfurt, about 5 minutes walking from the river....there is the Kleinmarkthalle of Frankfurt.  It's a fairly large hall for various small businessmen to sell meat, fish, pork, vegetables, bread, fruit, etc.

It's not widely advertised or noted in any tourist booklet.

If you were looking for a large sampling of food, ranging from bread to chocolate, to wines or regional mustards.....this would be one of the better places to stop and spend a half-day walking around.

I should note, around the corner on the other side of the the Cafe Liebfrauenberg....which is a fine coffee and cake establishment, and a good place to take a break.  Pricing might be slightly above the norm, but it's one of the better establishments within ten minutes of the river front of Frankfurt.

I will note.....pricing at the Markthalle might be above the average, but most everything is from the Hessen region, and the customer base revolves around people from the center of Frankfurt, who are willing to pay more....for higher quality.

I will also point out that this is no more than eight minutes walking from the Biebergasse area where the main shopping district sits.

Parking?  Forget about'd best be on a Metro situation and riding the subway.  Use the Dom/Romer exit point to get off or enter for the subway.

My general advice is to make this an entire morning, and spend some time around the Dom as well.  It's all part of the charm and character of Frankfurt.

Bring an empty stomach and have a decent day.

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