Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Recommendation for Your Weekly News

If you live in Europe or have an interest in European news, without a lot of slant or crazy intellectual talk....then my recommendation for your weekly dose of news is the France 24 network (via satellite over Europe, or via the internet at their site).

The one show that you want is the Friday evening episode (starts at 7PM, central European time) and entitled 'The World This Week'.

The moderator?  Francois Picard.  What I'll generally say is that he's bright, clever, and has a sense of humor.

The hour-long show has four guests on.....usually reporters or people with personality.....who are not necessarily French (there's always an American on the group).

They will shift around through six to ten topics and give you some fine analysis, along with a bit of humor (the French are that way).

Last night's episode featured a good ten minutes on Iraq and the ISIS war, and you probably got ten times the amount of information that some CNN episode would deliver.....without any fluff or foundation guy trying to sell you some agenda.

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