Monday, June 20, 2016

The Draft Law that will Fail

Ten days ago, there was an upbeat feeling displayed for the news media by the CDU and SPD Parties in Berlin.....over the draft law that would deem the Maghreb countries (Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco) as "safe", for immigration and asylum purposes.  If deemed safe.....the border patrol folks in Germany can deport them without a lot of discussion (there are still exceptions but it's like a 90-percent that you'd be leaving).

The draft law needed to be pushed out to each of the 16 states, and they had to agree with this. Friday of last week.....the enthusiasm was gone.  You see at the state level.....there's several states which have a Green Party deal that makes the government at the state level work.  And the Green Party says that it's not safe for people of these countries to return to their country.

Naturally, no one brings up the safe angle for German tourists.  You'd think.....if it was German tourists would be going there.

So a silver bullet wasted by the CDU and SPD?  I've sat and pondered upon this for the afternoon.  They both had to know weeks ago when they were drafting this law up.....that the Greens would never agree with it.  In a way, they didn't care.....they were simply firing off a 'blank' and pretending that they were going to remove some of the negativity on immigration.

Public frustration has to linger with not only the CDU, and SPD......but with the Greens.  Here was some marginal effort to rein in immigration issues and rather than find some common simply pushes the public to be anti-CDU and anti-SPD.....meaning another vote here and there for the AfD Party.  Maybe the Greens see this as a positive, but it shouldn't be that way.

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