Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Footnote on Rinkeby Riot

The Rinkeby, Sweden riot probably got worldwide coverage....but when you stand back and look at the whole is a fairly minor riot.

First, the riot only starts as the cops snare one of the local guys somewhere around the tram/subway station (T-bana) for supposed drugs.  The riot did not start up because of Trump....unlike what some would like to suggest.

The cars burned?  Only local vehicles from the neighborhood....NOT from Stockholm itself.  They burned cars from their own neighbors.  Yeah, that's how stupid they are.

The one person injured in this whole thing?  A photograph journalist (from a left-of-center newspaper) who walked into the neighborhood around two hours after the crazy stuff started.  Once the provocative crowd noted the guy...they attacked him.  How many in the attack group?  He says roughly 15.  The punks stole his camera, and he basically got up and wandered around over (maybe 300 to 600 meters) to the Rinkeby gas station.

There at the gas station....he called the cops and asked for help.  "No" was the answer from the cops.....they had a fair amount of stuff going on, and it might be a while before they'd get there.  So the guy stayed around the gas station....waiting.  It's safe to say that it was past midnight before help arrived.

Cops finally arrive....write some report.  No one says if they took him to a hospital or simply back to his car (his vehicle wasn't burned).

So far, no one can show that there were more than thirty folks at this 'riot', and the whole story suggests that they might have some relationship to the punk who was arrested in the subway station for drug activity.  More likely to be defending their 'turf' than anything else.

Is it a story worth front-page news?  No.

Does it really need vast analysis by CNN or Fox News? No.  It's a ten-line story at best.

With the exception of burning cars....stuff like this happens in Chicago almost I wouldn't get to excited.  For Swedes, it might be a twist to their safe environment....but they are the creators of this ghetto in Rinkeby.

Where'd I get all the info?  Local news folks from just need to piece together the story from different prospectives.

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