Sunday, February 12, 2017

The French Asylum Deal

As part of his campaign talk....the Liberal Party guy (Macron) has offered asylum to US climate scientists.....if he is elected.

In a short video piece, he noted how the Trump administration is now a problem, and that American scientists might be under some France will open it's door to the poor Americans scientist.

The chief problem with this offer?  Let's say that 2,000 climate scientists in the US wake and feel some threat (real or perceived).  So they haul off and move to France and ask for this asylum deal.  French immigration officials grumble about this....mostly because few of the Americans speak French, and their job/craft background is purely climate science....which isn't exactly a booming trade or situation in France.

Weeks would pass with the Americans trying to fit into France....starting up with French courses.....talking with French scientist-intellectuals....gulping down French wine, and eating various new fancy pastries.

At some point, the American climate by one....would come to ask about their future, and their French political folks would admit....there just aren't that many jobs around.  Then the jobs-center chief would ask if they would accept jobs....teaching at some school (within the ghetto region of France) or perhaps entertain the idea of some police academy situation to become one of the new 10,000-odd cops in France.

Six months into this deal....the American scientists would realize that they'd jumped a bit too quick into this deal and it's a lousy relocation episode.  That cheese and wine business?  It was ok for six weeks but it's tiring after a while.  By this point, they've watched Le Corniaud (The Sucker) (1965) with Louie de Funes at least six times and seem to be lost on how the French mafia and cops seem to be so incompetent.  French rap music is really bad.  French women on the metro seem to be dressed in some tramp-fashion daily.  And the meat is always served a bit raw.

After a year, the whole offer deal is considered a complete failure, and some American starts to write the script to what will be one of the biggest French-American epic movies of all time.....entitled: Les Scientifiques Foutu (the Screwed-up Scientists).

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