Friday, February 10, 2017

The Education Story

It's an interesting Welt article....with the Philogical Association of Germany and the Gymnasium Teacher's Union saying that roughly 300,000 immigrant kids will end up in the German school system, and the system simply isn't capable or prepared for this.

The government plan?  At present, there's talk of recruitment of 13,000 teachers to add into the system to cover this issue.

Various numbers are thrown around about the cost impact of education and how much it might be....with some folks citing 2 billion Euro (per year) and some folks going as high as 4 billion Euro.

The chief issues?  First, you come to language.  My own humble view is that you need to take the kid upon arrival and the visa is approved....and just put them into an intensive language program for a minimum of nine months.  If the kid isn't that bright....layer another six to eight months onto this.  You basically can't let the non-German capable kid progress into any German school system until this one deficiency is wrapped up.

The level of foreign schools equaling German schools?  No.  You can take a German kid in the 6th grade, and pretty much guarantee that most of these foreign kids coming in....who claim they ought to be at the sixth-grade level....just aren't at that level.  Maybe if you wasted six months on preparatory classes and some private tutor work.....then maybe they might be able to handle the course load.

Shock among the parents on the material and the progressive nature of German schools?  Well....yeah, that might be a problem if you came from a fairly conservative religious community.  Some waiver?  No.  If you don't like the progressive nature of German picked the wrong country.  Move on.

Some people are starting to use the phrase 'ghetto creation'. I might agree with this.

Here's the have a school in some urbanized area, and you throw sixty foreign kids into the discover six months later than half of them are having attitude and adjustment problems.  You find PTSD with some kids.  You start to identify some kids as nut-cases, who need major help.  The German school system is really made in some fashion to handle this kind of mess.

Demoralizing for the teachers?  Yes.  Two years of messing around with attitude problems and punks with no interest in the might have to start recruiting more teachers for those who quit.

Where will the 13,000 new teachers be found?  I have my doubts.

Do you need the 13,000 new teachers for the next 30 years?  No....that's the puzzling part of this story.  At best, with the current might need the 13,000 teachers for around five to eight years.  Then? one says much.  Force them into other jobs?  Where?

You see....none of this has been really thought out.  It's one of the 99-odd problems with the Merkel plan.  It should be on some plan, and list how everything would connect and function.  There is no such plan.

I feel sorry for the kids.  They didn't really ask for this mess.  Their parents have to make due with what they've got.  Maybe on positive nature and lots of effort.....maybe half of these kids might amount to something down the road.  But I would question how the 300,000 will work out in the end.

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