Friday, February 3, 2017

Schulz on Turbo, Briefly

A week after the Martin Schulz situation....becoming the new figurehead of the SPD Party In Germany, and the new Chancellor candidate for their party.....things are heating up.

Most give the SPD currently around a 26-point situation (five points up), and if you talk strictly over Merkel or Schulz....Schulz leads by minimum of 10 points.  Why?

Basically, the SPD is running a 4-cyclinder car which had some turbo-juice slipped into the tank, and will for some brief time appear to be hyped up.  Thanks be given to the state-run/public TV journalists, some intellectuals, and various articles from the print-media hyping this wonderful situation.

At some point, the question there any real difference now?  No.

If you laid out the SPD Party platform from a month ago, and's the same platform, the same strategy, the same thrills, the same weaknesses, and the same problems.  If you bring up immigration, crime, integration , asylum, or refugees....everyone within the SPD Party starts to sweat.  They've got the same basic program as the CDU, with only minor differences.  It's Merkel-lite, at best, when talking immigration issues.

Across the mighty German political landscape....somewhere in the middle rests the SPD and about one meter across from them....Merkel's CDU.  There just isn't that much difference in the parties of today....compared to thirty years ago.  Most working class people would tell that's the crazy thing about 2017....this ought to be a SPD Party hyped up on jobs, pay, pensions, and stability/safety.  But it's a faint attempt at best.

In about six weeks....most of this turbo-juice will be burned out, and Schulz will be there mostly looking fresh, but it's a faded SPD that he's anchored with.

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