Thursday, February 9, 2017

One Hitler Mystery

Few people realize the speed in which Adolph Hitler hit the big time.

While WW I ended in November of 1918.....Hitler went back to Munich (his old hunting grounds) and sought out former Army associates for a job.  What he ended up a undercover agent for the Bavarian Secret Police.

His purpose in life?  All he had to was monitor one single be an insider.  He'd make up a report, and turn it in.

So in September of 1919....he became an official member of the Nazi Party.  No one ever says much over this day, or the "dues" required to be a party member.

What is kinda less than four weeks, he progresses from just party member giving a speech (16 November 1919) at the Hofbraukeller (the basement of the house).  He may have made a quick-on-the spot comment here and there, but this 16 November 1919 speech was his first ever full-scale speech. Roughly a hundred folks were in attendance.

Roughly four weeks pass, and he's pressed to give his second speech.  Oddly, unlike the first speech which went without any real fuss, this speech had a couple of hecklers in the crowd, and they had to be tossed.

Around 90 days would pass, and his third speech was scheduled.....with 2,000 people in attendance.  This was done in the upstairs area of the Hofbraushaus, rather than the smaller basement room.  He'd hit the big-time in a matter of six months.

Few people ever talk about this.  He wasn't a trained orator or university-lecture guy.  He wasn't an intellectual, or brilliant strategist.  No one can cite a single speech that he'd given prior to the 16 October 1919 speech.  It's like he just stepped off a train, and just started talking.

This is one of the great mysteries of some brilliant skill just showed up in this guy without any training or background.

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