Saturday, February 25, 2017

Iceland and Numbers

One of the things that I tend to point about some European the declining birth-rate.  Germany is typically a country that I will mention often on this topic.

Another good example is Iceland.  I'll use Wiki-numbers to tell this story.

Back in the 1930s....the birth-rate for Iceland was 2.99, having dropped from 1916 point of 4.0

By the late 1960s....Iceland was looking at 3.06 as the average reproduction level.

By 2000?  2.06 was then the average.

The 2015 numbers? 1.81.

That means for every two people....they are only producing 1.81 to replace them.

You can do the statistical doesn't matter....they've hit their peak.

In the case of Iceland, over the next decade....they will have to open the immigration door and start to discuss recruitment angles.  Why the lower number?  A lot of this has to do with birth-control being readily available and females tending to have careers where large families are not a consideration.  Add to this....a small group of male-only or female-only pairs, and the standard high-cost of living.

Roughly 7-percent of the 325-thousand are immigrant....from forty-odd countries (even a hundred folks from India).

How do you go and recruit for the environment in Iceland?  That's the thing.  Once you explain the 23-hour summer days or 23-hour winter nights....toss in lifestyle....fair taxation...and a Viking-like existence with fairly stoic people.....well, it's a tough matter to make this wild adventure deal.

So, if you were sitting there and some email popped into your box talking about the great life situation in Iceland....well, it's a recruitment deal for immigration.

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