Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Ferguson" in France

If you haven't been watching French news over the past ten days....there is a violent setting going into place over a police assault of a African migrant.

The basic story (with video of the incident shuffling around) is where a couple of cops were going after a particular guy and they used one of their police batons in a sexual assault sort of way (why the cop had to act this stupid has yet to be explained).  The video got around, and right now....you've got a full-scale riot situation going in various urban areas of France, in the middle of an election period.

Business windows are being broken.....cars lit up....and violence being a nightly thing.

Around ten years ago....the same type of event occurred and for a number of weeks.....France had a mess on its hands.  The current President (Holland) came into office with lots of promises to ensure the situation did not repeat itself.  Well....it has.

France over the past couple of decades....going back to the 1960s....has become this magnet for immigrants and migrants....in search of the good life that they seen in newspapers and magazines.  They came into France....took low-paying jobs....settled into urbanized neighborhoods, and eventually these neighborhoods become ghetto areas, with no real hope of escape.  If you do stick around in the local school environment....upon graduation, you discover that your values to any business are minimal.  No one gives any thumbs-up at the certificate that you hold in your hands....so you never move up in life.

Over the past decade, with social media and radical Islam on the trending routine....the nation of France can be be described as a total failure for migration.  Social scientists?  They generally say you need to throw more money into the pit.  Most French people don't see that as remarkably wise.  The problem is....no reasonable solution is on the table.  You have a large segment of the migrant-turned-French people who are over thirty years old and have nothing to really hope for in terms of education or job placement.

Those who think this was simply to put cheap labor at the hands of French companies and markets?  Well....yeah, they probably are correct in that this was a national strategy and never really thought completely through.  For all of the political parties at work in France.....it's a problem to be seen in different ways, and marketed to voters.

A repeat of the "Ferguson" event?  If you look at BLM and the continuing trend in the US....it's a virtual copy of the France problem.  Cops feel threatened and disrespect.  Migrants feel threatened and disrespect.  General public is worried over crime and violence.  Politicians try to show some heart and peaceful nature, while chatting about calm nature.

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