Thursday, February 9, 2017

The German Radicals

Someone in the Berlin state operation came up and asked for data from the cops (the city cops, not the federal guys)...over arrests related to left-wing radicals within the city.  I don't know how a cop confronts some idiot and does an arrest, then notes his political situation....but they apparently keep some kind of information like this.

So they looked over the last couple of years.  If you aren't aware....there are generally two cities in Germany which have a fair amount of left-wing radical troubles.....Hamburg and Berlin. To a lesser degree, Stuttgart has some minor issues, and once in a great notice some demonstration in Frankfurt.

I would generally say that left-wing radicals are like the dinosaurs.....they are dying off.

So, the Berlin statistical data came to three conclusions.  Most of those who they arrested in this category....are between 20 and 25 years old (they just aren't that many folks are left-wing radicals over the age of thirty.....for some odd reason).  The second odd thing is that the majority are unemployed (shocker?).  And most live in some situation in their parent's house/apartment....meaning that they did some job training episode, failed, and mostly live off dad's pocket-money at age 20.

I should note as well.....most are guys.....not women.

For years, I've kinda stood back and admired left-wing activities in Germany.  I admit....I'm from Alabama, and we just didn't ever have this type of activity going on there.  If you end up in the middle of Berlin or can generally note the crowd....mostly guys and they like dressing up in hoodies.  No flip-flops or sandals.....mostly tennis-shoes.  The clothing is the type that they wear for a week or two....until Mom demands they hand them over for the washer.

How you end up as a left-wing radical?  Generally, you hang around some guys who seem intellectual in up anti-capitalism to some degree....gross unfairness of the government....and smoke a fair amount of weed.   No one ever tests these guys on soccer knowledge, current events, or such.  I generally end up identifying them as mostly over-grown kids who never had any desire to move on in life....they are more or less at the 13-year-old kid level.

The women who do end up in the group?  I'd generally say they were just looking for some tribal-like atmosphere and found some guys who party an awful lot.

Who pays for their booze or weed?  That's the question I'd like for these news folks to ask, but they always same hyped up to ask about their anti-government or anti-capitalism standings.

What happens to this data identifying the punks?  Nothing much.  I suspect that everyone already knew their situation in life, and some of the political folks actually know the punks on a first-name basis.  As for the typical German?  Most would suggest it's time for the punks to get a bath, a haircut, and do some real work in life.

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