Monday, February 13, 2017

Those Hyped Up over Brown-Shirts

This past month, I've sat and read commentary from a number of people wanted to chat up their humble fear of a new dark era of 'brown-shirts' (Nazi slang for the Sturmabteilung).

These naive individuals for the most part have zero understanding on the topic.  Some are journalists.  Some are Hollywood-types.  Some are politicians.  Some are just fired-up agenda thugs.

They all seem to want you to know that they are under some threat, and the 'demons' or brown-shirt crowd are coming to get them.

So, let's introduce the brown-shirts and chat about their characteristics.

1.  The brown-shirts or Sturmabteilung....started in 1920.  Some elements of the group were active in the midst of the war.  The reputation of the 1915 crowd?  They were there to push back the maximize an assault.  After the war, they were there to intimidate.   Few realize the period of operation, but the basic function of the brown-shirts lasted until the summer of 1934.  The Nazi Party no longer required their services, and it was a fairly messy event (Night of the Long Knives).  You can go and read up on this roughly 3-day one from the top level was given a waiver or pass.  History will say that the brown-shirts in some way were still around til 1945.....but you can't really identify much of an existence.

2.  Brown-shirts were there to confront and intimidate anyone.  There was one single policy ideology.  In today's environment....when you find a hostile group....using intimidation and allowing only one ideology....yes, it's brown-shirt in nature.

3  Brown-shirts destroy personal property.  They did this throughout the 1920s and into the 1930s.  Brown-shirts of today.....destroy personal property (burn cars, loot, etc) and assault public safety officials and private citizens.

4.  Brown-shirts took orders from their district bosses in the 1920s/1930s.  Brown-shirts of today take orders from bosses in the shadows.

5.  Brown-shirts of the earlier period absolutely hated free speech.  Brown-shirts of today hate free speech.  No open discussion can be allowed when in the company of a brown-shirt.  No open dialog is possible with a brown-shirt.

6.  Few people realize it but the whole "shirt" mentality stretches way past Germany.  You have the Green-Shirts of Ireland, the Gold-Shirts of Mexico, and even the Blue Shirts of Taiwan.  Numerous countries have operated around the concept.

7. The brown-shirts of the 1920s and 1930s were multi-group orientated....meaning they didn't just target Jews.  They targeted the Communist Party of Germany, Slavic folks, union members, gays, etc.  The brown-shirts of today?  They were go after various groups as well, and not be confined to just single ideology.

8. Brown-shirts reached a point by 1930....that they were a fairly regularly seen thing.  In Munich by the mid-20' was a regular thing.  In the US?  Where exactly do you see Brown-shirts?  Highly urbanized areas, university campus settings, and low-income/welfare areas.  Oh, and at airports last week.  Brown-shirt displays in rural settings?  No.  Small US towns?  No.  Kinda odd....don't you think?  What does that say about the Brown-shirt generation of 2017?

9. News reporters of the 1920s and 1930s in Germany tended to avoid reporting on the phenomenon because it'd only get you noted as a problem.  In modern society, the news folks see it as a plus in some ways....although you can only interview a modern-day brown-shirt for about two or three minutes before it's obvious that they aren't giving you the commentary you need.  That's why there's always some media-expert within each modern-day brown-shirt hype their cause or ensure the public message is sent out the right way.

10.  Brown-shirts were dumped as soon as their legitimate value was reached in 1934.  Brown-shirts of today....will be dumped as soon as you reach maximum value.  Ask yourself why this is general trend?

With this commentary.....I only want to set people into a method of thinking about this before unloading some stupid comment about Brown-shirt this, or Brown-shirt that.

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