Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Secret Report Story

The Suedeutsche daily newspaper came out yesterday with a short piece, detailing that a year-long review by the BND (the German version of the CIA) was complete.  It's secretive in nature.....but they say there is ZERO evidence of Putin or KGB manipulation in German politics.  No fake news or fake agendas.

If you go and listen....the news media is kinda shocked because they've been portraying this Putin-slant in their stories since mid-November and the Hillary-loss.

The question to ask now.....who asked for this report a year ago?

It's a report that was requested via the Bundestag and some party had to make a request.  I have my doubts that it'd be Merkel's CDU or the SPD.  The Greens?  The Linke Party?

Someone felt that there would be some big connection sitting out there and they knew it'd take a year to produce this report.....only to wake up now and realize there is nothing?  Yeah, it seems that way.

What now?  Well, you can't really go around and say much about fake news except that they've jumped onto Facebook so much.....that they can't back down.  If I were Facebook....I'd make sure the public knew all of this information.

The other curious thing?  This was a classified paper, and you have to wonder.....who gave the Suedeutsche newspaper the info...perhaps the CSU?  Maybe they want to make a point about this whole agenda?

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