Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ten Points Which Aren't Talked About

Yesterday, it was hyped as news number one for Germany.....the new 10-point deal between the EU and Libya to halt migrants crossing the sea.  From ARD and ZDF....they both devoted a large segment of the Friday night news to this topic.

The odd thing?  I've probably wasted 30 minutes of my time....searching through at least forty articles written over the ten-point treaty deal....but there is NO listing of the ten points.  What are the ten points?  Mostly unknown.  Some sources did suggest financial compensation for cover the migrant camps....but it's a differing number depending on who you source the info.  Yeah, I read through three or four Italian news sites, the BBC, at least fifteen German news sites, a couple from the Middle East, and even a Cyprus-English site. Nothing.

They all wanted to hype ten points on the plan, but it's just kinda odd that the points are missing.  A reason?  My guess is that either it's awful complicated, or it's best not to mention these in public.

For the migrants?  It's estimated that 350,000 are sitting in Libya and waiting for calm and warm weather to arrive in the spring.....and they'd make their way via rubber boats to some place to be picked up by the Italians.

What's said around Europe is that no one will sign up to take the migrants....if Italy brings them in.  None of the socialist-led governments wants this negative topic to be focused it's a quiet agenda item to find some way to halt the 350,000.

Maybe in a week or two....some PhD guy will accidentally publish the ten points in some paper, and it'll all make sense then.

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