Saturday, February 4, 2017

Unfolding Jon Gnarr-Effect on the German Election

About a month ago, this Deutsche Welle article stuck me as a piece that I'd want to reference for the rest of this political season.

The piece, published back on 19 Jan 2017....discussed the six things that screw up the German election by devious outside forces (namely Putin).

The six items:

1. Throw your weight (meaning Russia) behind populist parties
2. Revelations about German leaders
3. Spread fake news through social media
4. Play up the migrant crisis and terrorism
5. Target specifically German fears
6. Create the stimulus, wait for the response (this actually means that Russia does nothing but you think that they triggered something to occur)

Are the four principal parties in some fear stage?  All four figured Hillary Clinton would win back in November, and they sit in amazement that Trump won.  Under every bit of logic they can dig up....with the intellectual gang of TV news hanging with the four can sense some massive conspiracy is at play.

The ability for the group to grasp that a Jon Gnarr-like event (like in Reykjavik in 2010) occurred and was based on public frustration and loss of trust with the news media?

The chief problem I see that the German news media is now stuck because if they were handed some enormous scandal or terrorist act between now and the end of September....they can't report it to any real extent, in fear of being regarded as an instrument of the Russians.

If you ask's now a perfect landscape for the Jon Gnarr-effect to occur.  We just need some comedian to form up a political party and let the German voters do their frustration vote.

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