Sunday, February 5, 2017

Germans and the Hitler Talk

It is a curious piece by Frontal 21, a program with ZDF (a state-run, public-TV network) in Germany.

Translated?  Trump?  Savor or Hitler?  It was a discussion over how Hitler performed in the 1930s and how it resembles today.  It's the type of stuff you'd expect from a gang of first-year college students, with the help of some PhD history guy who wants to always start the history discussion in 1930....and never go to the period prior 1919.

The aim?  I think they want to entice Trump or one of his players to take them on and give them plenty of coverage....thus making this a political topic for the election of 2017 in Germany.  In typical years where a German election occurs and there is a Republican President in's virtually guaranteed to be such a strategy (you can review the past fifty years find that it almost always is worked up).

The best slant?  Some Merkel or Schulz picture with "savor or Hitler" underneath.  Yeah, it's silly but that's how the whole German strategy works.

The problem with the typical strategy in 2017?  Dutch and France elections slated, and they will likely go right-wing.  BREXIT is now expected to occur, and it probably won't be this dramatic thing that the German intellectuals in 2016 were so hyped up about.

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