Thursday, May 12, 2016

Another Tax

It was a small news item, and I kind doubt that it really registered with most Germans.....but come 2018....the autobahn truck tax will be extended across to all German roads.  The transportation ministry was kinda proud of their work and noted that this would bring another two billion Euro a year.

No one from the journalists side or government noted.....that it's not really two billion Euro of a tax on the truckers.....but two billion from private citizens who buy the products and thus will have to cough up the two billion via bills or the cost at the store.  You can figure from a simple chocolate bar worth 99-cents...toss at least one to two cents on top of that for the road tax.

A strategy here?  No one said much but I'm guessing that trucking companies will have a meeting and some business groceries....will discuss the idea of a massive truck delivery (bulk delivery) to a store twice a week from some centralized warehouse.  Thus fewer movements and less taxation.

Everything.....even your Amazon deliveries, your DHL deliveries, your Deutsche Post deliveries.....will all fit into this requirement.

Germans are fairly naive about this whole thing.  They always think that the tax will be paid by the truckers.  In the's the private citizen that pays the bill.

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