Sunday, May 22, 2016

The French Solution

If you follow French news over the past two weeks....there's been this curious program that was approved by the government.

If you go Sarafisten (radical Islam) and leave were typically on a 'bad-boy' list and it'd be a difficult path for you to ever return to France.  So a lot of folks who went off....just walked out a side door and the authorities didn't know anything about them leaving, or later....about them returning.

So, this mechanism was created....a deradicalization center.  Rather than discover you and send you off to prison or force you to leave the'd be directed by a judge to go for a number of weeks to a deradicalization center and let someone test your honest nature and willing behavior to stay 'French'.

Most people would look at this and question how stupid the idea might be.

The thing is.....if you were back from the Syrian front, and all charged up on ISIS-thinking, just how long could you fake people a fairly open and sanitized environment?   Hour after hour, in some open classroom with a French mentor and maybe three or four other returnees?  Maybe one of the fellow returnees in the room....isn't a returnee but a French intelligence officer?

Cameras?  Monitoring around the clock?

A dedicated Sarafisten guy might be able to last two weeks just pretending he's all recovered and cleaned up from his ISIS tour in Syria.....but I seriously doubt that he can make it a full month in some program where your behavior is monitored around the clock.

What happens after you such a program?  Unknown.  There's a very limited script written by French journalists over this and it's a program invented out of thin air.

The thing is....once you create these deradicalization centers and mandate people attend, might there be a second step?

Maybe guys who've never left France for the ISIS-zone.....being told to report for a few weeks of behavior observation and a determination if they've been radicalized while there in France?  That's the thing about this could go anywhere with behavior observation and have a thousand folks a month being put through some type of government program.

You could even require Islamic religious scholars to attend for a month....throwing five such guys into a group and by day ten.....the jihadist scholar wakes up to realize that he's the only legit scholar and the other four were simply intelligence 'actors'....noting that he's radicalized and needs some intensive transition behavior activity.

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