Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The "Germany is Germany" Quote

"Germany can be not Arab country.  Germany is Germany."

-- Dalia Lama

It was a short interview with a journalist from the Frankfurt Newspaper.  Basically the Dalia Lama says in a very clear and blunt way that even he thinks the number of refugees in Germany is too high.  He does state....there is responsibility to help refugees....morally, it is correct.  But this ought to be a temporary act and in the end....the refugees do what refugees typically do.....they go home when it's safe.

If you note the whole discussion in Germany....often missed by journalists....it's really about four different factors: immigration, refugees, asylum seekers, and integration.

No one cites numbers....because it'd really screw up the message, but if you went out and polled the incoming crowd of 1.1 million in 2015....I'd take a guess that roughly half of them were pure and simple refugees....looking for a safe temporary place and knowing that they'd get a square deal in Germany.  Their long-term view?  Non-existent and hoping to one day return home.

Anger about the Dalia Lama's words?  Oh, I'd take a guess that 10,000 Germans are fuming tonight as they grasp what he said and how he said it.

You can have compassion, but at the end of the day.....it's a case of how you classify the guy in front of you.

As for making Germany into some Arab-like country.....again....as I've noted on various occasions, it's a comical mentality demonstrated by some on multiculturalism and thinking that you can make some environment that blends a look, a dynamic, a culture, and an acceptance into place for one single group.  If 350,000 Chinese came into Germany next year for long-term placement and wanted to have their cultural icons in place (starting in urbanized areas).....there might be some heartburn and questions even for them.

The issue with this message is that it involves politics, and leads a number of Germans to ask questions.  You can't readily sell multiculturalism across the entire country or political spectrum.  At best....I think that maybe fifty percent of German society buys into this.

How far will the quote be used (Germany is Germany)?

If you were looking for a million-dollar quote for a political campaign....this is it.

But there is a further item of discussion here.  Will the words of the Dalia Lama suddenly cause some intellectual Germans to sit down and pause over their arguments and vision?  My humble belief is that some will have to sit...sip through a wine or two....and think over the commentary.  What has the past two thousand years been about?  What exactly is German culture?  The progress of the past hundred years....what's it really about?   Are you defending multiculturalism for a marginalized reason?  What's the end-game for all this talk?

The problem is....we've just about destroyed both the CDU and SPD over this topic and there's not much room to retreat and build a different refugee policy.  A 'reset' button really is needed but where the heck will you dig one up without confirming the AfD Party?

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LOL... I told you what the end game is: THERE WILL BE BLOOD. This is a 'bizarre-o' version of "Triumph of the Will" (in reverse). Instead of 'decreasing the number of people' in Europe, Germany is seeking to 'increase the number of people' in Europe. Both are acts of Hubris; while the methods and reasoning behind both are 'night-and-day' different; the fact of the matter is that the are both acts of HUBRIS and they will have the same result: BLOOD. This history of Germany is a 'never-ending identity crisis' - Germany has ONLY been reunified for 25 years, lol... this is so delusional... you are now mixing together more than a million of the 'most different people imaginable on Earth'... what other outcome than BLOOD could there be? Listen to the Poles now.... just listen to them... it won't be long until Europeans want direct control over each country's own military. Does Russia manage to resurrect its Empire for a third time via some sort of HYBRID form of 'European-Christian-Nationalism'? Are the Americans prepared to 'fight and die' and 'bleed gold and treasure' for the sake of Latvia? Estonia? Romania? Regardless: there shouldn't be any doubt of the fact that we are headed towards some sort of "Global Correction" (via global economic and geopolitical reasons).