Friday, May 20, 2016

Once, There were German Men

Focus, the German news magazine, did a short piece today on the New Year's Eve episode in Koln.....discussing the impact of the riot.

First, there's a small tidbit which the local authorities will share....they've convicted nine guys so far.  Please note.....all nine were convicted on theft charges only.  To this date.....NOT one single case has resulted in a assault or sexual assault conviction.  I believe the year will end and we will even get to the state election there in Koln next spring.....without a single conviction on assault charges.

The second item which they discuss is from Jorg Baberowski who is a German historian and author.  He's examined numerous videos from the evening in question and read a number of reports.  He's come to this interesting conclusion.

When there were instances of couples (men and women) in the middle of an assault....there simply weren't any German men to react and use violence against the men who were groping or sexually assaulting their wives.

As Baberowski noted.....these men didn't know how to react to violence.....they were going to to relay upon the state apparatus....the fix things.

Baberowski even notes that if the state does not assert itself, or come to solve this issue....confidence by the general public will fall from a great height.

Then we come to the last part of Baberowski's observations. He says nothing within this episode at the Koln train station really involves Islam.  Instead, it involves the refugee camps that the Germans run, and how no central authority establishes security or rules.  So in the these refugee camps...a central group of camp up taking control and running things (like a prison would be if guards don't do their function).

We are five months past the Koln episode.  Almost five hundred sexual assault reports were filed.  Statsitically's screwed up their safety record for at least two or three years and will be a major discrepancy which neither the center-left or center-right political party can say or do much about.  It is a massive vote problem for either to explain and in the state election there.....still ten months away.....I can only see this as going heavily for AfD support.

The German guy of the 1914 versus the German guy of 2016?  If you go back and read the various reports in the period of the first year of the war.....German men were fairly quick to react, and in some cases....killed a few folks by accident.  If they felt you were a possible Russian, French or Brit'd only take a minute for things to unravel and you'd be laying on the ground.....just hoping that the police came along to save you.

The pacifism that occurred in the 1960s and 1970s?  It has changed German character a great bit.  Oddly, the authority over the pacifism.....women.....are the ones greatly affected by the sexual assaults and probably were hoping for the old-style German guy to arrive, and never did.  It says alot about German culture today.

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