Friday, May 13, 2016

Immigration Numbers

One interesting note out of today's news is a comment by the German Federal Interior Minister.....Thomas de Maizière....on the current trend of approving asylum for individuals from Maghreb countries (Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco).

What de Maiziere that the trend for the 2016 is going toward .7-percent approval for asylum from these countries.

This means out of a hundred guys being processed.....less than one was being approved to stay.

This only comes about because of the Bundestag accelerating 'safe-country' identifications several months ago and agreeing that these three countries in particular....are not in the midst of a war and the only likely reason that you might get approved to stay is that you've converted to being a Christian, and they are Muslim countries.

Course, no one has said much over those failed applicants being told to leave and return to their country of origin.  The journalists left out this question, and I would have doubts that people are being directed to return.

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