Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Anti-Turkey Posters in Local Area

Anti-Turkey tourist poster in Mainz....."over 250 murdered civilians in Kurdistan".

I noticed it this morning....a number of them plastered around the shopping district.  Coming from pro-Kurd functions in Mainz (I assume).

It slams the Turk stance on Kurds and how it's not really a vacation zone but a war zone.

Going by the first eight months of 2015.....there were 3.75 million Germans who came to Turkey for a vacation.  Because of poor economics in Russia....there were fewer tourists coming in 2015 from there, and the Turks are proactive in keeping the German tourist trend going in a positive direction.

If just 10-percent of Germans cancelled out or declined on the Turkish'd be a problem and send some bad signals.

As for the posters?  I noticed three hours later that some had been removed and some folks didn't feel happy about the slam on Turks.

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