Tuesday, May 3, 2016

If You Were A Truly Conservative Religious Guy

Since the weekend hype here in Germany with the AfD and their various comments over Islam.....I've spent a fair amount of time pondering over the AfD's statements, Muslims in Germany, and come to this one odd prospective.

If you were a fairly conservative guy with concrete values, tied to a unchangeable lifestyle, and longing for a unprogressive culture....what country would you really desire?

There are roughly 180-odd countries in the world.  Each has hundreds of pluses and minuses.  If you were looking for a country where economic freedoms were top priority.....German would probably rank up there in the top ten.

If you were looking for affordable lifestyles?  Germany would probably be in the bottom twenty-five countries (even Germans would agree that life is pretty expensive).

If you were looking for lax-on-tax atmosphere....Germany would probably be ranked number 170 out of the 180-odd countries (they even tax dogs here).

So you take these values and toss them into some prospective about conservative lifestyles.

Sexually-suggestive advertising in public....around the clock....twenty-four hours a day?

Male and female models on TV ad's with sex blazing across the screen?

Sexually suggestive lyrics on TV and radio....twenty-four hours a day?

German women displaying legs and boobs at maximum power?

Public alcohol consumption....around the clock?

Alcohol packed even into chocolates?

Affordability for large families?  Almost unaffordable, unless dad has some technical expertise that pays off big-time.

One of the larges atheistic populations in the world today?  A land where people quit their religion almost minute-by-minute.

Pure German humor and satire, blasting away at conservative lifestyles and cultures, daily?

Constant reminders daily of the Christian environment that you live?

No waivers by the government or business community during the Ramadan period when people are weak, dehydrated and less-than-fully-capable?

Go down the list and try to find any of these to be of comfortable for a heavily conservative lifestyle person.  If you are a Muslim parent....you live in constant fear that some fourteen-year-old peer in your kid's class will hype up and talk on the reason why they are a atheist or why no God exists.  Even if just one Muslim kid out of fifty who listens and believes in his new atheist-friend's comments....then you have to worry that this former Muslim kid will talk to other Muslim kids and pass the message around.

If your dream in life was simply to leave the old country where life was dangerous and threatening your family.....you probably didn't do a lot of research or care where you went.  But in the priority of life.....if you ranked your religion and conservative culture as priority number one.....well....Germany is probably one of the last five countries on Earth where you'd want to settle into and hope to continue your old ways.

Politically, AfD is taking advantage of the public sentiment, and I do agree that between a quarter and half the nation has some some frustrations about this recent topic of theirs.  But for those of the conservative lifestyle who think they can flip this into some political situation and defend their cause....I think they are missing the bigger picture.  Slowly, year by year, they are watering-down their culture and dissolving members who simply slip out the backdoor and disappear into the sunset.  If you want the culture to continue....it'll have to be elsewhere.

Maybe I'm wrong about this.....but the more you think about Germany and where it's going.....it's a pretty charged up, progressive, sexually-open land.....with boobs, satire, booze, and suggestive thoughts lurking in the shadows.  This is not a place for weak-minded traditional guys.

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