Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Grafing Bahnhof Attack

So that you don't go nuts and fall for various fake stories over what happened this morning in Grafing, Bavaria.....I'll relate the 'FACTS'.

A mental-nut-job German (not a immigrant or Muslim) who was a known drug-addict by the cops....went crazy at the Grafing train station, and stabbed at least three people.  One is dead (50 year old German guy).

The nutjob German?  Currently, he's Ok, and in cop custody.....which there is a cop story that the guy is from Hessen.

Yes, it is true that he uttered and screamed "Allah Akbar" as he was attacking the folks at the train station.  However, the guy does not yet appear to be a Muslim.

Yes, narcotics of some nature (no announced name, but I'll willing to bet that Meth will be the drug in question) were found on him.

Grafing?  It is a small town about 30 minutes riding southeast from Munich on the railway......halfway to Chemsee for your reference.

Now, my own observations and comment.....on an average day of walking around Mainz and Wiesbaden, I'll come across at least a dozen people who ought to be in some contained facility and the Germans simply won't go and approve such measures.  I'd make my own guess that across the nation and of eighty-one million residents.....at least 200,000 ought to be locked up (for our safety and their safety).  No political figure is going to dare suggest this.....so just accept the fact that there's a bunch of crazy Germans out there.

As for the various Americans that might label this a Muslim attack.....well, no.....it's just another nut-job attack.

UPDATE: Guy is from Giessen, and had a cop team visit him a couple of weeks ago....after heated argument with neighbors or relatives.  He's been on psychological treatment (meds, alcohol, etc).  Must have made his way to Munich, and ended up in this 'burb' about 30 minutes south of the city.  No shoes.  The cops say he was around the train-station from 2AM on....till early crowd showed up to go into work via train.  NOT a Muslim.....Hessen cops still say this.  Just a nutcase.

2nd UPDATE: Local Hessen news says the guy had been on on welfare (in his mid-20's) for two years, and another year prior to that in unemployment compensation.  How he paid for his drugs would be a curious question to ask.

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