Monday, May 30, 2016

Swiss Vote Coming Up

On the 5th of June in Switzerland.....people will vote on this odd idea.  To set a minimum life wage of 2500 Euro a month for each adult.  It would mean that if you unemployed.....the state would simply hand you your wage of 2,500 Euro each month, and it would not mean welfare.

A serious vote or just a play on words?

The guys who came up with this idea....have not exactly thought the whole thing through.  For example, for such a small country.....they haven't said in absolute terms what this magic number for the state might add up to.

Several countries have picked up on this idea....mostly for discussions.  The odds of this passing?  I'd give it no better than a 30-percent chance.  Few newspapers are saying much on it, and it lacks public support.

If you've never been to's one of those countries that you just don't find poor people around on the streets.  From the five or six times that I've been through the kinda admire the culture and society.  Houses are kept up.....streets are maintained....parks are first-class. Does all of this hide some welfare class?  Unknown.  I will vouch for is expensive to live in Switzerland.  I'd say if you were bad off and'd be in a tough country to survive.

Does the renaming of this money really fix anything?  That's the curious thing about what they will vote on.  It's called a wage....not welfare.  If the state pays you a wage.....typically, you are doing work for them.  For me....if I were the local mayor....I'd be putting you to work....mowing grass, hauling leaves, wiping down windows on city hall.  If you ask's opening up a mess of problems down the road if you pass this draft law.

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