Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Better Society Syndrome?

About six months ago, I was reading over a Brit commentary (a essay) about the various worlds that one could live in and he noted the current "PC" world in England was leading everyone to vote or progress to some weird outcomes.  He suggested they'd all be better off with a an entire society dominated by Asperger syndrome.  It was all said in a sarcastic and cynical way, and I doubt if he meant the slant that he gave the comment.

It has been on my mind for a long period of time.  It's a suggestion to one far extreme.

Yet, I sat there contemplating this world or society.....based on Asperger Syndrome, with a dash of obsessive–compulsive personality disorder on the side.  A million residents....all rather bright and intelligent because of their syndrome and compulsive attitude....would jump-start a culture and they probably would have already been flying interstellar space flights back 600,000 years.  They would have taken DNA sequencing apart, figured out the best way to design architecture for maximum benefit, and been working on a bold new world.

A culture of Einsteins?  More or less.

The thing is a disorder of sorts, and creates a very determined and thought-provoking culture.  Relationships, leadership patterns, friendships, alliances, communications, and exchanges would all be conducted in a problematic way.

Try imagining a first date between two compulsive-obsessive people on the extreme level, and how the way would fail or succeed.

Try imagining a leadership situation, where something really needs to be done between one boss and three hundred lesser beings.....all with the compulsive-obsessive attitude.

Try imagining someone who has lived in this shadow for decades, and suddenly one day has one single individual without the Asperger Syndrome or obsessive-compulsive 'coating'.  You would be dazed by some kind comment or genuine friendship.

As for the suggestion of this being some kind of society that you'd desire?  I would question it.

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