Friday, May 6, 2016

What If You Didn't Have a Muslim Friend?

Sometimes, you can sense when some German state-run news group has taken some platform to square away an agenda....which supports a direction that they'd like to take the public.

Today, there's this oddball story appearing in most German newspapers and across both state-run news and commercially-run news in Germany.....about Germans not having many Muslim friends, and therefore....logically, rationally, and brilliantly....they just don't know Muslims in general.

All of this is based on a survey performed in the past ten days by an agency called YouGov...who was given the task or poll deal by the German Press Agency (DPA).

What is said in the general story is that roughly two-thirds of adult Germans (non-Muslim of course) don't know anyone who is Muslim within their 'circle' of friends.

One trend that did come out of the poll is that from the younger generation polled (18-to-24 years old)....about half of them did say that from their circle of friends.....they did know of some Muslims. But the details of this poll went to one other degree....the more educated you were on the youth scale....the more likely it was that you had at least one Muslim associate or friend.

So the logical side of the intellectuals conducting this went to another assumption.....that greater openness to multiculturalism, diversity, and education.....lead onto a better inclusion factor with immigrants.

It's one of those moments when you'd like to raise your hand in the audience and ask the really stupid how many PhD and higher educated Muslims have flipped into being radicalized and dangerous.  My guess is that the German intellectuals and journalists would prefer you not ask this question because it'd drag out a topic of lesser education and lesser intellect putting you at some disadvantage of dragged off toward radical Islam.

The poll also went one step further.  From this crowd of roughly 2,000 Germans polled....just over half noted that they had minimal background or knowledge on the shape and form of the Muslim religion.  Twenty-percent even said they had zero knowledge.

From the Muslims in the group polled, roughly seventy percent of them said that they had a good or decent knowledge about Christianity.

At the end of this article....they wanted you to know that most all Muslims live in the western side of Germany (98-percent), while only a small number live in eastern Germany (former DDR for you Americans).  This was another one of these little slams to suggest that western Germans are more accepting while those former DDR-Germans weren't as accepting.

It would have been nice and curious if they'd substituted the poll and instead of Muslims.....worked in Russians, or French, or Chinese, or Americans.

If you asked 2,000 Germans about their impression of many Germans don't have an American friend, and therefore....are anti-American?

How many Germans don't have a British friend.....and therefore are anti-Brit?

How many Germans don't have a Russian friend.....and therefore are anti-Russian?

How many Germans don't have a Bavarian friend.....and therefore.....are anti-Bavarian?

I always harp on the problem with that they can be used as a manipulation tool by the press, and in this case.....I'm strongly thinking that.

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