Thursday, May 26, 2016

Nothing To Really Worry About (till 2019)

It's not anything to get excited about because the election is so far off (2019), but the Focus folks have done polling in the state of Brandenburg (on the eastern side of Germany), and it's a pretty dismal place for the SPD and CDU.

Today, the public would vote:

SPD: 29-percent
CDU: 23-percent
Linke Party: 17-percent
Green Party: 6-percent
AfD Party: 20-percent

We are three years away from the next state election there and lots of thing can happen to undo the AfD Party, or diminish the CDU or SPD Parties.

The problem is.....just three points off both the SPD and CDU locally there in the state....puts the AfD Party near 26-percent, and awful close to winning a state, but creating a screwed up mess for forming a coalition partner (forget about either the SPD or CDU).

Long term, it is a worrying trend for consideration because none of the significant parties in German politics can partner with the AfD and it shows the general public in disagreement with the immigration and asylum trend.

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