Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Never Blast Ex-Voters for Your Party

Bild, the German daily newspaper, ran a piece today (short in terms of facts and quotes) that simply indicates that the CDU boss, Chancellor Angela Merkel, has agreed to a party platform change.....trying to outmaneuver the AfD Party (the anti-immigration party).

This apparently came out of a party meeting held yesterday.

So, there is some type of new strategy being formatted.  The key factor to it?  The rumor is that the CDU will NOT bash the AfD voters or party in public forums. Evidently, they've reached a point where they realize now that every hard knock that they applied to departing CDU voters....ensured that they would not easily come back (that must have been an Einstein moment when they realized that factor).

Other than that rumor.....Bild really didn't have much to say.  My humble guess is that they got some insider interview and some high-ranking CDU guy wanted to give them some 'valuable' insight, which was an hour's worth of words....of which it equals eight lines in some miserably short newspaper column.

Here's the thing.....we are roughly around six months away from state elections in Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommen.....both eastern states in Germany.  The typical win ought to be mostly the CDU and Linke Party in some race to get a combined fifty-to-sixty percent of the vote....in each election.  My suspicion is that the AfD Party will top twenty-percent in both state elections, and carve out a chunk of CDU, SPD, and Linke party votes.  I also think the Green Party might do better than average and suddenly start to worry people.

But the question here....which I wish the Bild reporter would have asked.....so what's going to be the new CDU policy on integration, refugees and asylum?  Presently, you just get this feeling that they really hope that Turkey stops the immigrants, and that they stay below 400,000 for 2016.  Other than that, and hoping for no more Koln riots......it's a pretty weak political position.....simply based on "hope".

Come spring of next year.....I think the CDU will be asking where they screwed up and just trying to find some crazy way to get twenty-five percent of the national vote in the federal election.  Some will regret the Merkel vision on immigration, but it's too late to fix anything.

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