Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On the Topic of Art (Heidelberg)

Being from Alabama, I was 'deprived' as a kid with art.  So I have been told.

To be honest, I have some appreciation with art today....but it's a case where I could admire bad art and think it was worthwhile art of some value.

About a block down from the Heidelberg Bergbahn, there's this piece in a square where it looks like the city had some money to spend, and some artist had eight pieces of marginal art that he welded together onto some steel ball, and some critic gave it all a thumbs-up.

About a kilometer away, in the mid-section of town, there's this one building which I stood there for a while and admired.

If you look up at the mid-section....there's four chunky and bodacious Greek Goddess gals in some pose.

Naturally, I'm the only one standing there and admiring this scene.

In this case, some guy probably spent a good year or two designing this and getting the deal done.

Today, it's some fashion related building.  But...seventy years ago?  I'm guessing it was a store of some type.

Today, you could bring up the building and probably less than forty people in town would recognize it and note where it was in town.  People simply walk by and never notice the goddesses.

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