Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Monitoring Story

A topic came up late Friday in Germany.....some political folks want mosques in Germany to be monitored.  This comes mostly from the CDU and CSU folks.

The need from this is driven by continual intelligence reports that the BND and cops hand over....where there is recruitment and activities which are illegal by German law reported.....coming out of the Muslim "political" activities.

If you wanted a mass discussion with vast implications involving basic rights and religion....this would be the driving force.

You'd think that a logical German guy would sit there and think about it'd work, and if it was worthless in nature.  There are probably over a thousand Muslim mosques and religious centers around the country.  Some are simply a store-front operation where some guy dispenses information on Islam, offers people coffee or tea, and you just wonder how deep the money pockets are as they pay rent and utilities each month.

Where would all these Muslim-speaking cops or audit guys come from?  One might be amused as the Green Party folks or some political group might recommend hiring Syrian refugees to be the mosque-audit guys or "watchers".  What happens if some female shows up to be the audit person or watcher?  I'm guessing that all heck would break loose and hostile feelings would be uttered by the congregations.

Personally, I think this is all a waste of time and effort to go and pretend to be watching or viewing prayer services.  Just finding enough people who can translate and interpret will make this an impossible task.  Having someone around the facility twenty-four hours a day?  It's a joke.

So, I'd suggest three simple acts to be written up for a draft law.

1.  Require all religions (to include the Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims and whoever).....that have a facility in have a board or group of elders...voted by the congregation.  Doesn't matter if it's five or seven or nine members.....but they are the ones who are responsible for the front door and financial affairs of the church.  If you have five or six young guys from this congregation that run off to some ISIS war.....require the elders to confront the problem and settle the situation, or shut down the operation permanently.  If the elders don't want to perform their job.....they get fired, and the congregation has another election.  Same results?  Shut down the facility.

2.  Transparent money.  Let everyone know.....their money will be part of some public examination and the audit will be going on every single quarter.  If money gets moved into the country via some secret method.....the religious figure involved is terminated from his profession and gets dragged in for money-laundering.  Make the law applicable for Catholics as well....who might go and spent 30-odd million Euro on some useless renovation project.

3.  Ensure it's written in stone for all Germans.....there's a door to join a religion, and a door to exit a religion.  Anyone preventing or forbidding one's exit.....will be dragged into court and face a judge.  A couple of dozen individuals might get one-way tickets into jail in the first year....but eventually, people would learn that they'd best not threaten anyone who quits his religion.

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